Surrounded by lush forests and trickling brooks. Nestled in the Mendip Hills 
Rob's Discovery is an abundant oasis of biodiversity. 

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  •   Inspirational garden

    thumb Lucy

      Fascinating experience, a lot to learn and to put into practice, thank you Rob!

    thumb Georgina

      We had a lovely few hours at Robs forest garden. Such an inspiration and lovely diwn to earth guy. Cant wait to go back and see the garden 7n a difgerent seaaon. Thanks Rob, for the tour and cuttings!

    thumb Rachael

      We visited Rob’s garden this afternoon as a party of 4 adults and 2 young children. 2 of the adults didn’t even have their own garden and admitted they had zero interest in anything garden related! Within the 2 hours with Rob we were all completely captivated with everything he had to tell us about how he had created his forest garden from scratch and visions of what it will become. Our children particularly enjoyed feeding the geese and sampling numerous berries. The time flew by and we left very eager to return in the future.

    thumb Joanne

      Such a wonderful, informative experience. I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in gardening, nature, permaculture, sustainability, ecosystems, looking after animals or the connection between us and nature. Rob was a brilliant tour guide with a vast knowledge on a lot of subjects, he answered all my questions and I went home with a real sense of wanting to put what I had learnt into practice. All of this for a small price, set in a beautiful location. Brilliant

    thumb Jordan

      Had the most wondrous visit to Robs garden and our personal tour with Rob, who is so incredibly knowledgeable, and so good at explaining everything, was so interesting and inspiring. He answered every question we had, which only led onto more, due to his amazing knowledge and enthusiasm.
    We are definitely going back for several more visits to see the garden in different seasons .
    Couldn’t recommend this visit more highly .
    Additionally the gardens are suitable for all ages from children upwards. My 87 year old Nan loved the tour just as much as we all did !

    thumb Hollie
  •   A very informative tour and a must for anyone interested in gardening towards self-sufficiency.

    thumb Maria

      Rob was extremely knowledgeable and happy to share his knowledge. This is an incredible place to visit! Rob gave us some fantastic ideas for sustainable living, developing our garden and our lifestyle. We didn’t feel rushed at all, and enjoyed the extras - the tea/coffee and the cuttings Rob gave us. We were lucky to spot a deer, a peregrine falcon and a weasel from the garden. This was an interesting, thought provoking and educational trip which was also enjoyable and relaxed. This experience is highly recommended.

    thumb Jane

      I had a wonderful, magical, inspiring, informative , practical and uplifting visit to Rob's Discovery forest garden. He was very punctual and efficient hosting my visit and very clear, helpful and thoughtful in delivering his excellent experience and knowledge about his Forest Garden. He gave me many tips for starting my own project and was very open to questions and helpful in answering all that I asked. For those interested in AgroForest Gardening and permaculture, I would definitely recommend this experience and visit. It was just what I was looking for. Thank you!

    thumb Jennifer

      Rob has made a tremendous effort over the years to create a forest garden from the ground up with the help of a single book and stores of patience. He knows his garden inside out, shares his experience earnestly - success and failures - and gave us a glimpse at his peculiar way of living. Our (young) kids were very interested in the geese and ducklings, less in plants, but that won’t be blamed on the attraction! When we visited a lot of berries and plants were not yet ripe so I guess there may be even better times to visit. A good visit overall, and we loved the flowered garlic so much we could have eaten a season’s worth in an afternoon. Thanks Rob.

    thumb Audrey

      Booked as 'something a little different' for my wife's birthday weekend away... We both loved meeting Rob and getting a tour of this magical corner of the Mendip Hills... Rob is an excellent communicator and explains complex subjects in a fun and engaging way... The idea that not everything has to be processed and come out of a packet is refreshing and super positive in todays world. My wife is inspired and has already started planning a forest garden area for our next home. :-)

    thumb Kevin

      When I heard that there was a real live example of a forest garden here in Britain, I grabbed my family, and ran to see it. And what an experience!

    I had heard the term “forest garden” before (magical sounding, isn’t it?), and stumbled across Rob’s videos on YouTube (really helpful!). But nothing prepared me for the complete abundance of both plants and information!!! Even for a seasoned gardener and herbalist such as myself! This really is something that can be done, and beautifully so, on a reasonable sized piece of land (and he is also growing a 20’x20’ garden to show what can be done in the sort of space many of us might have in our own gardens or allotments).

    Not only is Rob, himself, a relaxed, enthusiastic, lovely person - making it a joy to experience the garden with him - but he has created / is creating this entire garden from scratch! He is growing the trees, bushes, and plants of all sizes, nourishing and revitalising the soil, and kick-starting the entire micro ecosystem. He has built from reclaimed items, giving examples of how it can all be done - and look fabulous - on virtually no budget at all, in an eco-conscious way.

    I took photos and voice notes along the way, as I’d forgotten my notebook in the car, and when I got home and typed out what I wanted to remember, I had a full 12 pages!!! And that was without the photos! He also gave us information about where to learn even more!!

    Rob sent us home with cuttings of some of our favourite new plants (which we are excitedly growing now), new ways to use existing plants, and a truly deep excitement for this process. I now very much want to create my own magical forest garden, and hope sincerely that others will, as well. What a gift to have forest gardens everywhere! And how wonderful that we could all be living easily from delicious foods picked right from our own yards.

    This isn’t your everyday plant-seeds-each-year type of garden we are used to these days. This is a forest garden, full of perennials that come back year after year, or even remain year round, that nurture each other, as well as us.

    I would recommend Rob’s garden tour unreservedly, to anyone with even a passing interest in plants or permaculture. And even to folks who never had an interest in these things, but are open to learning new and interesting things. It made a wonderful trip, and we hope to visit again soon.

    PS - We brought our van, with a low undercarriage, and found the roads leading to it just fine to navigate. Our sat nav found it without an issue, and Rob met us in person to bring us to the entrance.

    thumb Kathleen
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